Responsible Investment

Responsible Investment

The Real Estate team is committed to the integration of ESG considerations into property investment decision-making and asset management.  The team believes the effective management of ESG risks and opportunities is integral to the long-term investment performance of assets.  Integration of ESG practices is therefore a part of the real estate team’s day-to-day business operations.

Consideration of climate change risks and opportunities

The Real Estate team acknowledges that climate change is an important issue and understanding around the impacts continues to evolve at a rapid pace. The team’s approach to the assessment of climate change risks is therefore expected to evolve accordingly.  The team acquires assets with a view of long-term ownership and acknowledges that over time climate change can impact the value and management of these assets.  Please refer to the CIPAM Real Estate RI Statement for more details.

Real estate holdings in Japan

The Japan Real Estate team (through Challenger Kabushiki Kaisha (CKK), Challenger’s wholly-owned and licensed real estate asset management subsidiary established in Japan) incorporates ESG considerations into all investment decisions and monitors portfolio properties to ensure compliance with Japanese ESG-related laws and regulations. Please refer to the CIPAM Real Estate RI Statement for more details.