Delivering comprehensive services and investments to clients

The Real Estate team provides clients with a full range of services including investment management, asset management, development management, leasing and trustee services. The team is continually developing its approach to integrate ESG considerations into property investment decision making and asset management.

The Real Estate team’s Investment Management services span the life cycle of an asset and include:

  • Comprehensive on-boarding services including assistance in structuring, asset sourcing, underwriting, due diligence services, negotiations with the vendor and all other matters related to the acquisition of an asset
  • Strategic advice in relation to asset allocation, current and expected property market conditions in respect of the direct property asset class in general and other relevant factors
  • Providing or managing all of the services required during the life cycle of the asset, and
  • Disposal services, including preparing the asset for sale and vendor due diligence materials, contract negotiation, arranging and co-ordinating the closing of the sale of an asset together the management of post completion obligations.

The Real Estate team benefits from extensive knowledge of the Australian debt market, as a major corporate lender in the sector on behalf of clients. Services in procuring debt include the development of a debt strategy and conducting competitive debt processes to minimise overall debt costs and to deliver the most favourable terms.

Asset management services include:

  • Appointing and supervising any property managers required
  • Procuring the preparation and maintenance of financial reports, forecasts and budgets in relation to any investments and ensuring all financial administration is kept up to date and in accordance with applicable law
  • Ongoing technical analysis of investments, including in relation to leasing, maintenance and repair, insurance and valuations, and
  • Where any external third parties are used to provide services, using the scale of our entire real estate business to achieve the most preferential rates and outcomes for clients.

The Real Estate team’s development management skills cover the full spectrum of the development cycle from planning, pricing and design through to construction, leasing and delivery.

The team has significant experience in real estate development, with the team having been involved with a wide range of development projects, including A-grade CBD office developments, industrial logistics and warehousing facilities, land sub-divisions and rezonings, retail greenfield developments as well as retail and hotel re-developments, repositionings, refurbishments including providing property advisory services.

The Real Estate team’s internal leasing team develop leasing and marketing strategies for all mandates. The team focusses on developing long term relationships with tenants and having a deep understanding of market conditions.

The Real Estate team is uniquely positioned to provide both trustee services and investment management services. It has the requisite licenses and experience to provide both trustee and investment management services that may assist qualifying investors to enjoy the concessional tax rate under the Managed Investment Trust (MIT) regime.

The Real Estate team is committed to continually developing its approach to integrate ESG considerations into property investment decision making and asset management. The team identify effective management of ESG risks being critical to the long-term investment performance of assets, therefore focusing on the integration of ESG considerations into the day-to-day business operations. As a team, this is a collective responsibility and we take a unified approach in the identification and management of ESG considerations.

The Real Estate team undertakes a significantly detailed analysis at the start of the due diligence process. The due diligence process produces a checklist approach to identify risks and opportunities including: an assessment of the market and sector, changes in government policy which can impact, legislation, tenant demand, and customer and investor sentiment. On an asset specific basis, NABERS rating is considered, energy efficiency, natural hazards, building safety and materials, occupier satisfaction, local community and stakeholder engagement and any applicable regulatory standards. Real Estate believes these details are key to understanding the asset, and are imperative when assessing asset pricing, undertaking negotiations with the vendor and ultimately their potential to effectively asset manage or develop over the lifecycle of the asset.

Post-acquisition, the Real Estate team outsources the property management services to a third party, whilst maintaining Asset Management responsibilities, allowing us to focus and prioritise on asset specific ESG considerations. The Real Estate Asset Management team are responsible for identifying key risks and opportunities on an annual basis and outlining the business plan for each asset. The team have various tools and processes integrated within the day to day business operations including; life cycle audits, valuation reports, regular performance analysis and risk management plans which, combined, are crucial in achieving long term value for investors, the environment and communities we reside in.

The Real Estate team are committed to ensuring ESG considerations are prioritised across the lifecycle of the assets they manage, while continually improving their approach and acknowledge that achieving safety, sustainability and diversity outcomes will have the benefit of delivering long term value for investors, the environment and the communities we live in.