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Livewire Exclusive – It’s time to reconfigure your portfolio allocation

June 2021

The following video was published on Livewire Markets on 1 June 2021.

Whispers of inflation are consuming global markets. Is it coming? When can we expect it? How should we account for it? The reality is, inflationary pressures are already present in the market, and they’re going to continue to make themselves known says Pete Robinson of CIP Asset Management. 

“Over the next 12-18 months, inflationary pressures are definitely going to hit the economy.” 

But should investors be getting concerned? According to Robinson, it’s time for investors to take a little equity and even a little fixed income off the table and allocate some of their portfolio to a credit-based product that won’t be swayed by inflationary spikes. 

In this video, Robinson discusses how he would approach a spike in inflation, drawing on the traditional 60/40 asset allocation strategy, why private credit is an area of current interest and discusses what the V-shaped recovery meant for credit markets.