Investment Solutions

Common questions

Many funds are not set up to trade derivatives from a legal, operational or execution perspective. The Solutions team overcomes all these hurdles and can offer advice on which are the best instruments, maturities and strikes to achieve the client’s objectives.

When the Solutions team refers to broadening the investment tool-kit, they are referring to funds introducing the ability to trade a wide range of both listed and OTC derivatives.

The team believes having access to these instruments adds ability to quickly implement the following:

  • Portfolio protection strategies
  • Reduced costs of rebalancing and/or implementation of DAA/TAA
  • Investment in passive betas

All collateral movements are managed by the Solutions team and the institutional grade Challenger operations team that supports them.

All balances are collateralised daily.

No, trades can be executed across all asset classes.

No. The Solutions team has agreements in place with numerous global investment banks. Clients are added to an umbrella arrangement but legally separated.

No. The Solutions team only acts on the instructions of their clients as per their investment advisory agreement.

The Solutions team can provide all performance metrics as frequently as required.

No. The Solutions team facilitates direct trading with exchanges and banks.

The Solutions team can transact with a large panel of highly rated global investment banks.