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The Solutions team has over 50 years of relevant experience in global derivative markets and offers cross asset investment solutions to large institutional investors.

The Solutions team has extensive global experience covering portfolio management, research, structuring, along with trading of equities, fixed income and FX in Sydney, New York, London and Frankfurt. Team members have specialised experience in capitalising on distortions in global derivatives markets through their roles in investment banks, hedge funds and real money portfolios. The team, both at Challenger and in previous roles, has been involved in designing and investing in Alternative Risk Premia strategies for the past 10 years.

The Solutions team helps alleviate some of the common obstacles preventing the use of derivatives more widely in portfolios and allows clients to expand their investment tool-kit using an innovative and independent approach.

Bespoke investment options allow investors to manage increasing market and regulatory complexities across their portfolios. We focus on four main areas:

  • Alternative Risk Premia (ARP)
  • Protection
  • Portfolio Solutions
  • Yield Enhancement
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